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Tapping into a channel

Some Asian cultures believe that creativity comes into being from forces external to the self; the self is just a channel through which creativity flows. If you try to praise one of the people who believes this, they might give … Continue reading

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To die? “To die would be a great adventure!”

I come face to face with my experiences of responding to the news that graduate school has rejected me. Join me as I use clips from Hook and Rent to take you with me on my emotional roller coaster. I try to find a balance between idealism (fantasy) and reality and I try to figure out what direction I am going to go. Could “love” be the answer? Continue reading

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Nerdtastic Sunday.

I get the biggest nerd surprise that every geek dreams of… and it only took ’till the second date to come true. Hear my escapades of converting my date further into the world of geekdom as I introduce her to Firefly. I also discuss my experience of watching my friend perform in Godspell and my passion for wanting to bring change to people by way of the media and the stage. Continue reading

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Last Day Dream.

I tackle some deep concepts such as the finite nature of life, reconciling idealism, and overcoming self doubt. I recount my experiences with attending my friend Shay’s wedding, my thoughts about how we are all human, my experience of learning to let things happen, and how connections with others make me happy, ending with a movie review of the comedy “City Island.” Continue reading

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Kicking cuss and taking names!

When my Sony Blu-ray player powers down it says “See you.” I find that humorous. It doesn’t say “goodbye,” or “bye bye” or even “see you later.” nope. It just says “see you.” I reckon this is because those are … Continue reading

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