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Nerdtastic Sunday.

I get the biggest nerd surprise that every geek dreams of… and it only took ’till the second date to come true. Hear my escapades of converting my date further into the world of geekdom as I introduce her to Firefly. I also discuss my experience of watching my friend perform in Godspell and my passion for wanting to bring change to people by way of the media and the stage. Continue reading

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Last Day Dream.

I tackle some deep concepts such as the finite nature of life, reconciling idealism, and overcoming self doubt. I recount my experiences with attending my friend Shay’s wedding, my thoughts about how we are all human, my experience of learning to let things happen, and how connections with others make me happy, ending with a movie review of the comedy “City Island.” Continue reading

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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

Welcome! My friends! To my new journal! Ahhh this is bringing me back… back to my livejournal days. You guys remember livejournal? Well.. it’s good to be back blogging. Thank you to all my loving friends that where there for … Continue reading

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