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Destroy the Ring and find your fig!

Perhaps it is dramatic of me to say but… sometimes I feel like Frodo Baggins tasked with carrying the One Ring to be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom. There are a slew of demons that my quest requires … Continue reading

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With my freeze ray I will STOP… the world!

Geez! I gotta hurry up and write about how great last week was before this week happens and I have to report on this week’s greatness too! I would like to take a moment and write about what a joy … Continue reading

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Last night I had a party to celebrate the finale of Lost. The turn out was better than I had hoped and I think we all agree that the experience of finishing the epic 6 year journey of Lost was … Continue reading

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Nerdtastic Sunday.

I get the biggest nerd surprise that every geek dreams of… and it only took ’till the second date to come true. Hear my escapades of converting my date further into the world of geekdom as I introduce her to Firefly. I also discuss my experience of watching my friend perform in Godspell and my passion for wanting to bring change to people by way of the media and the stage. Continue reading

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