With my freeze ray I will STOP… the world!

Geez! I gotta hurry up and write about how great last week was before this week happens and I have to report on this week’s greatness too!

I would like to take a moment and write about what a joy it was to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing along Blog for the second time ever last weekend. What a great idea to switch the traditional good guy vs bad guy things around to make the bad guy actually the underdog that you care about while the hero is just this giant douche bag that you want to see get put in his place. It was pretty easy to feel empathy for Dr. Horrible –YET!! at the same time, the psychologist in me, and my forward thinking self also had me saying “wait a minute Dr. Horrible! Just stop a second let’s visit what’s really going on here.” Dr. Horrible could have avoided so much of his pain and downfall if he had just risked being real and putting himself out there a little more. Why did Dr. Horrible think that he had to build this giant crazy freeze ray just so that he could talk to the cute girl at the laundry mat? What was keeping him from jumping in there and risking a conversation? Did he just enjoy his crush with the cute laundry girl and he didn’t want to risk losing that? Was he afraid that she’d reject him and think that he was a creep? Why was he “otherising” himself away from her only to look at her from distance as if she is was some perfect being living some perfect life or something? Obviously I am asking these questions because I have personal experience, myself, as being in both Dr. Horrible’s role and “cute laundry guy’s” role. And not just in “crush” situations –but also in life situations, as well. To explain that further: since not getting accepted into grad school I have been lucky enough to have had several friends challenge me by saying “maybe becoming a therapist isn’t what you’re meant to do. Maybe you’re supposed to do something else.” I am grateful for my friends who have cared enough to have posed this challenging notion to me and I am grateful for the pause that my non-acceptance is now affording me. When asked what I’d do with my life if money wasn’t an issue, I find myself realizing that I’d probably be making movies. I love movies and I love story telling and I love the idea of making my own art with those passions. What is keeping me from doing that?! When looking to answer that question I find myself behaving like Dr. Horrible at the laundry mat. If only there was some magical freeze ray that could stop the world so that I could have time to really dedicate the passion that I perceive the notion of becoming a filmmaker deserves. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Seth. Let’s visit what’s really going on here.” I have some fears and faulty ideas that are keeping me from really moving forward with the experience of being a filmmaker. Let’s put things in perspective. How hard is it REALLY to make a film. Not hard at all, actually! When you break down the steps. HELL! My freakin CELL phone can record a movie! The technology is easy to come by. And writing? That’s not too hard either –I mean… look at this blog! I’m writing in here all the time, aren’t I? Obviously I have a creative voice that is capable of producing some creative and entertaining thoughts. You guys (you readers) have told me that you enjoy what I put down in here. I have tons of actor friends who would be happy to jump in and work with me on a project. What more do I need? I even have mental health resources available to me to deal with whatever fear issues that I might have coming up that could be preventing me from creating something. Really it just boils down to me going “Okay. I want to do this and I’m going to make the jump!”

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2 Responses to With my freeze ray I will STOP… the world!

  1. Kristin says:

    I love NPH! He is so awesome! I think you would be an awesome filmmaker. Like you said, it’s not really that hard to tap into it, just look at ALL the stuff on youtube and what not. People are making little movies, and such all the time. If you ever want any advice or want to mess around with some pro editing software, my father, who live sin Concord, has been and is a filmmaker. Granted he has mostly done documentaries and is now doing a few TV spots and stuff, to make some cash. But he has and does own his own production company. And I know he is my dad, but he has done some really nice stuff. Anyways, I think you’d really enjoy it, just like you (I think) enjoy writing this blog. It’s a labor of love. Good luck!
    Oh and you ever watch The Guild? If not, check it out!

  2. DoctorLady says:

    This will be the only time I’ll probably ever say this to someone: “Jump! Jump!”

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