Last night I had a party to celebrate the finale of Lost. The turn out was better than I had hoped and I think we all agree that the experience of finishing the epic 6 year journey of Lost was one that should not be done alone. “Live together, die alone,” right? When you go through the experience of getting close to all these delightful characters for 6 years -having that come to an end can be pretty emotional. There aren’t any shows out there that are quite like Lost -nor will there ever be, really. Having the show end, I’ve found, has me in a place of mourning. Not just for the amazing story and actors -but for the experience of the show as well. Lost has been a phenomena that you share with your friends -something that you experience with your family. I recall many times spent sharing the show with friends who refused to sleep because they just HAD to see what would happen next. Season 1 was like crack. Then there was the experience of getting to be the Lost expert for fans that were interested in the show but didn’t quite follow it completely -they would come to me and ask a bunch of questions. We’d throw our theories and ideas around of what we thought might or might not be happening. There was the little known “Lost experience” on the internet where you could find all these clues that would give privileged information tidbits for the most die-hard fans. There were the weekly visits that my closest of friends would make to watch the show together with me. I’d listen to podcasts that the producers would make where they would joke about how they themselves weren’t sure where the show was going -adding how they thought that season 7 would become the zombie season -where everyone on the island has to start fighting off zombies. Some people got fed up with the show early on. They thought that it got boring or they refused to tolerate the frustration of not having answers. Some people didn’t even bother jumping in because they would have to do a TON of catching up to do and they didn’t want to deal with the self control of taking a break before watching that next episode. Many of us, however, kept watching. We stayed -even through the boring parts in Season 3 and 4. Did the show pay off? For some it did, for some it didn’t. If your definition of “paid off” includes getting all the answers -then you’re probably pretty frustrated. If you’re like me, though, of course it paid off. It’s paid off all along -every week that it was on it paid off. Lost brought me closer with my friends. It let me explore and understand myself better through watching the characters and the choices that they made. It kept my mind and sense of wonder alive. It helped me to feel my own feelings and better understand myself. I’ll be forever grateful to Lost. My eyes are on the horizon for the next show that I can lock into as deeply -yes, there will never be a show that is quite the same -but that is okay. I’ll carry the experience of Lost with me in my heart.

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