Nerdtastic Sunday.

Do I have a story to tell, or WHAT?? So I’m dating this girl named Kristin (who I mentioned in my previous blog post) and last Sunday she got me… She got me real good…. For our second date we were planning to meet in the morning to go to the Bay to Breakers (an event which, shockingly, I have never attended in my 6 years of living in the city and my 27 years of living in the bay area.) At 9:40am I get a text message from Kristin daring me to greet her at my door dressed as a Jedi. Of course, nerd that I am, I was like “Okay! But only if you double dog dare me.” Of course she did -so I quickly began to assemble my Jedi outfit. Well… it was my secondary Jedi outfit because my main one was locked away in a memory box at my parent’s house in Concord (note to self: dig that puppy out because you never know when you’re gonna need it) -yes… I own more than one Jedi costume. ANYWAY. So I got all dressed up and I thought I was looking pretty good (especially for it being my secondary costume). I got all ready to impress Kristin -even down to prepping my iphone app to make lightsaber sounds mixed against Star Wars music. The time comes -I get a call from her letting me know that she had arrived and was across the street. “Alright! Let’s do this!” I said to myself, I went down stairs to greet her, and then what I saw made my jaw drop to the floor… without any hint or warning at all, there is Kristin (a very sexy lady, mind you) DRESSED IN A FULL ON SLAVE LEIA COSTUME!!! No joke. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe it… Here I thought I was gonna show her a thing or two about pushing the limits of being outgoing AND SHE CUSSING 180ED THAT CUSS!!! Oh man… I didn’t even know what to do. I spent the next 30 minutes incoherently attempting to formulate some semblance of normal speech only to find myself blushing and unable to say a thing. Kristin… you win. She got me good!

I had to take a picture because I don’t think any nerds would believe me that Slave Leia came to visit me. Man… Slave Leia -every nerds weakness… The costume was very impressive -it appeared to be made of copper tubing, cardboard, tape, and fabric all painted to be the proper color. The costume didn’t belong to Kristin -she borrowed it from a friend (a person who I must now officially meet). Funnily enough, Kristin actually has fairly limited knowledge of Star Wars seeing as how she tended to focus on areas other than her nerdy side while growing up. (Don’t worry, folks -I’m gonna be working on catching her up on the nerd factor if she so desires). So…. dressed as a dark Jedi and slave princess Leia we proceeded to Bay to Breakers only to find ourselves in good company -TONS of people dressed up in all manner of crazy ways! We had fun people watching and pointing out all the oddities to one another. A few times I had to bust out the ol’ lightsaber to defend the princess from incoming onslaughts of drunken troublemakers. It was quite fun.

To complete our nerdtastic date, I suggested that we watch the pilot of the TV show, Firefly. Even though, apparently, many of her friends are very big fans, Kristin had never seen it! One of my favorite things to do is share movies and tv that is very dear with me with my friends. She continued to make my day by obliging my suggestion. During the show I found myself really getting into the story -surprisingly so. To this day it kills me how well made Firefly was and how horrible and just plain wrong it was that it got canceled before even completing it’s first season. I’m never going to get over that. I explained to Kristin some of the aspects of the show that I really love in particular -namely, the Doctor’s relationship with River. It is so rare to have a caring nurturing male figure in TV or the movies. I really appreciate the way that Firefly so skillfully does. Watching all of the characters in the show -even in the very first episode -they all work so well and so naturally with one another! Their connections with one another are so present and real that (and this will further reveal that I am an uber dork) -that there were a few times when I felt myself tear up just from how present the actors were in the scene. I love Firefly and I love all the characters -they each are a part of me. Shows like Firefly are what make me excited for the future of my work: to foster people to connect with the different characters inside themselves in such a way that they can bring about positive change for themselves. After watching the pilot Kristin conceded that she enjoyed the show (I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t) so I gave her a DVD of the show so she could continue to watch it on her own if she wanted to.

Later that night I got to meet up with some old friends to go and see Amy do her one and only performance of Godspell the musical at the Salvation Army. I love that show! Amy did fantastic (Amazingly, in my 2.5 years of knowing her I never managed to hear her sing by herself until seeing her in Godspell). Amy’s production was quite enjoyable. It was done psudo-community theatre / musical review style where emphasis was primarily on the musical numbers and not so much on the in-between acting part. I was tapping my feet and jiving along with the songs (all of which I know very well) but was saddened when I looked around to find the rest of the room mostly still with relatively blank faces. Godspell is a musical where you’re supposed to get into the songs and clap and dance along. I guess the Salvation Army wasn’t entirely into that sort of way of experiencing the performance? It felt like a shame because I remember the first time I saw Godspell with Alex at a very professional caliber production at DVC circa 2003. At that show there was no way that anyone in the audience could have remained seated without clapping and really getting into the music. During Amy’s show I found myself wanting to get up and really pull the audience fully into the show. Or, I also noticed that I had this strong desire to want to direct the show myself to really pull the actors into their element and get them to fully play and engage the audience. …sigh. Would grad school hurry up and admit me already?! Clearly I have a burning passion for wanting to bring people change under the stage. Yes, I know I don’t necessarily need grad school to do that -but I really want that -particularly since it will give me “skills to pay the bills.” Or… at least, the silly letters that you need at the end of your name so that you can just make an honest living in our society. The program that I have my eye on feels so much like the right one for me to take -it is a balance of theatre and psychology -my two passions.

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6 Responses to Nerdtastic Sunday.

  1. Kristin says:

    I humping 180ed your dabien!

  2. Kristin says:

    (Now THAT comment was nertastic!)

  3. Alejandro says:

    You have a slave leia come visit you, and THAT’s the expression on your face?

  4. Kristin says:

    sigh…I wish their was more firefly….*tear*. Anyways, Sounds like it was quite the fulfilling, nerdtastic, eventful Sunday! I just washed that car..huh oh well! Glad it was AWESOME! Oh and I don’t know why, well it could be many things but man, Kristin sounds awesome…maybe it’s something to do with her name….tehehe jk. Glad you guys had a good time!

  5. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for coming to my performance. It meant a lot and I’m glad that you had a good time. I love Godspell and how different directors choose to perceive it. This was my 2nd time. The first time it was very playful; this time, the director wanted it to be more focused on the religious story it’s telling, I think. Whereas, I find the more playful nature a better strategy.
    Anyways, I’m glad that I finally decided to sit down and read your blog. I’m thinking of starting my own soon. Stay tuned…

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