Kicking cuss and taking names!

When my Sony Blu-ray player powers down it says “See you.” I find that humorous. It doesn’t say “goodbye,” or “bye bye” or even “see you later.” nope. It just says “see you.” I reckon this is because those are the only “goodbye” type words that fit into the standard numerical LED matrix. … Actually that is not true. I’d much prefer that my Blu-ray player say “Ciao.” And think! It could say that when both powering on or off! (Ciao can mean “hello” or “goodbye”) but then again, it does say “hello” -that still fits in the matrix. … but yeah, “see you????” that sounds kinda silly.

Today marked the end of week one from returning to work. I must admit… I kicked some serious cuss. Among the chiefly notable would be a meeting that I went to with a client, his mother, and bunch of care providers (foster parent, social worker, psychiatrist, and mentor). Despite how it should have been (particularly with their having been a psychiatrist present) I wound up being the only therapeutic entity in the room. Amazingly, there were therapeutic issues standing in the room like giant pink elephants and no one but me, to my horror and surprise, was indicating and addressing said elephants. Shouldn’t a social worker and, my goodness! a psychiatrist with a Ph.D. have SOME sort of therapeutic awareness? After a few minutes of seeing where things in the meeting would go -once I realized that no one was going to address some key blatant issues I totally stepped up to the plate and really did well to mediate some difficult conversations much like how a licensed therapist would do. By the end of the meeting I had everyone more or less appeased with a clear plan and direction for issues to work on. It was such a good feeling for me -to have felt so skilled (mind you, perhaps it was just the stark contrast to the shocking lack of therapeutic sensitivity in the room.) Nonetheless, it was so satisfying to know that I had done my job well and stepped up to a role that no one else in the room could fill. See graduate school?! You see what you’re missing?! G’ah! I wish I could know if my school is going to be able to take me next Fall.

During the meeting, the psychiatrist with the PhD suggested that perhaps aggression could be managed by using a punching bag. I quickly stepped in and tactfully (or so I thought I was being tactful) said that that actually was NOT a good idea because there has been research to show that using a punching bag to release aggression can actually increase it. This offended the older PhD man and I imagine in his head he was like “that little CUSS! Who does he think he is shooting down my idea like that?! I’m way older and more experienced!” out loud he snapped at me and said “Pfft! Yeah, well I’d like to see papers on that research.” …:::cue tumble weed::: “Okay,” I thought “you wanna play like THAT you little cuss?! I’ll show YOU!” Patiently I waited until the end of our meeting and in a very kindly was I explained to the psychiatrist that our agency has come up against the idea of using punching bag type interventions before (these interventions are known as catharsis interventions) however agency wide the idea was advised against because of research findings. I tactfully asked if the psychiatrist would perhaps be willing to give me his email address so that I could, as he suggested, send him the “papers” to back up my reason for dissuading the idea of using a punching bag. That night when I got home I googled and found these articles: One from the New York Times and one linking directly to the source study. SA-SA-SA-SUCKIT Dr. Douchebag! I very kindly worded my email to say that I’d be curious what his opinion of the papers would be. Heh. I doubt I’ll be hearing back from him. But SERIOUSLY!! Come on! Everyone in the field that I’ve told this story to that is in the field KNOWS that research shows that venting aggression via a punching bag can increase aggression. Stop living in your old man PhD safety bubble and come get caught up on the real world. Geeze. And this man prescribes MEDICATION? Geeze-us. God willing he at least keeps up to date with that sort of information!

Meh. I kinda feel dirty dumping on that guy, to be honest. I think I’ll stop. I just wanted to share that I felt really good about my contributions at work for my first week back -I think they were above average and I am proud.

“Ineffable” what a great word! I never really used that word and I didn’t fully understand what it meant until Chris (my roommate) explained it. What a great word. I imagine I’ll be using it a ton in grad school.

I’ve been watching this documentary on the History channel about what has made Star Wars story so classic and iconic. It is very interesting! It breaks down how Star Wars draws upon a bunch of classic old time myths and archetypes -really neat stuff. As an example: Vader is reminiscent of Zeus because he wielded lightning in the form of a lightsaber. There was something really poignant from that documentary that I wanted to share but for the life of me I can’t think of it now -I’ll have to go back and watch the start of it again.

I saw Inglorious Bastards for the first time ever tonight. Wow -what a great movie! I don’t really like gore but for some reason tonight I barely covered my face like a wussy wuss like I usually do. The writing and acting and plot was so good -all so tight and just very well done! (Why couldn’t the Star Wars prequel been that way?! Grr! okay.. Breathe. I’m letting that go) The moments of tension were so real and well played that I found it astounding. Tarantino can be so brutal -he will go there no problem. Usually that makes me wince a little bit but for some reason tonight I was cheering! Well done, sir. I applaud your work.

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2 Responses to Kicking cuss and taking names!

  1. alex says:

    I don’t think you were dumping on that guy– if I were in your position, I would be upset about taking on his negative stance/energy and not being completely professional When push comes to shove, you were simply educating him. (and if a psychiatrist with a PHD can’t accept a little difference of opinion, then WTF is he doing as a psychiatirst?) Sa SA SUCK IT, dr. Douchebag.

  2. Kristin says:

    In other medical fields, including Veterinary field, you MUST have a certain number of hours of continuing education each year. Is this true for Psychology? I would hope so! If not, Dr. Douchbag PhD should really go to a seminar or something before he gets slapped with a lawsuit for being negligent. You go Seth, knowledge is power!
    Oh and I think I’m gonna steel your “cuss” word! AWESOME! You guys are so witty!

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